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Travel Tips

Anticipation of your upcoming journey can be half the fun.  In addition to reading the suggested reading list which accompanies many tour programs and checking out your itinerary, follow Shebby Lee’s travel tips on what to pack, how to protect your valuables, and how to maximize your travel experience.

What’s Really Behind the Airline Add-on Fees?

If the current trend by airlines to charge for pillows, blankets, overhead carry-on space and even toilet privileges has you hot under the collar, perhaps you’d like to know why they are here for the foreseeable future.

Why Buy Travel Insurance?

I always thought of travel insurance as something for other people. I never get sick or have an accident, so why spend the extra money? But as a travel industry professional, I have done a one-eighty on this subject.

Bucket List

The hit movie, Bucket List, reminded American travelers that they may still lack travel destinations to complete their list. And on that roster of 50 states, the one most likely still remaining is North Dakota! If  this is the one state remaining on your ” bucket list”,  Shebby Lee Tours can take you… read more >

Looking for a Low Carbon Vacation?

Take a group tour! Research studies condcuted by the Union of Concerned Scientists, DePaul University, and MJ Bradley & Associates all confirm what the American Bus Association has been saying all along: motorcoaches are the greenest way to travel by virtue of drastically lower carbon emissions compared to airlines, trains, and… read more >

1880 Train Named “Unforgettable Day Trip” by Parade Magazine

The Black Hills Central’s 1880 Train is featured in the exclusive short list of day trips in Parade Magazine’s March 28 article entitled “America’s Greatest Train Rides”.  This outstanding experience is yours to experience when you participate in Shebby Lee Tours’ Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup Sept. 25-30.  This increasingly popular Old West… read more >

Old West Trail Offers Unique Adventure

Explore the West where legends live on this 7-day journey to the past. Majestic mountain scenery, Old West adventure and historic trails highlight this seven-day program which is sure to be a winner for folks hankering for an Old West experience. Travel through the cowboy state of Wyoming where cattle… read more >

East is East and West is West

When North and South Dakota became states in 1889 after twenty-seven years in territorial limbo, the political differences between the two regions had escalated to the point where they could have never entered the Union as originally planned: one unified state. Within ten years the political climate had changed and both… read more >

Off the Beaten Path Destinations

Rapid City, SD-based tour operator, Shebby Lee Tours, has been “marching to a different drummer” ever since the company began offering group tours thirty-three years ago. Beginning as a provider of step-on guides in the Black Hills of South Dakota, the company eventually expanded its coverage area to include the… read more >

Mount Rushmore Top Tourism Destination

Have you always wanted to visit the four famous faces on Mount Rushmore? The Shrine of Democracy spent 2009 collecting awards from people like you who did just that. In March, the Shrine to Democracy was named one of the Top 10 Tourist Sites in the USA by And… read more >

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