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Springtime in New Mexico

Spring comes grudgingly to the Northern Plains. Last year it didn’t arrive until the middle of June! So I often manage to find excuses to escape to warmer climes in an effort to mitigate the effects of winter doldrums and sunlight deprivation. I never thought of New Mexico as one… read more >

Buffalo Roundup Sells Out Seven Months Before Departure

You’ve heard me extol the virtues of Travel Alliance Partners (TAP) in this space before. But I simply can’t overstate the importance of this new business model to the travel industry and the end user alike. When a program sells out two years in a row because of the participation… read more >

It All Started With the Oregon Trail

Although Shebby Lee Tours started as a local sightseeing company with the slogan, “we lend insights to the sights”, it wasn’t until 1993 that we expanded beyond our standard fare of western national parks and moved toward what would become our hallmark. That was the year we developed that iconic symbol of America’s westward expansion movement, the Oregon Trail.

I’m Crazy About History

It probably won’t come as much of surprise that I am crazy about history. I don’t ever remember not being interested in everything historical, despite exposure to the usual succession of dry-as-dust history teachers in both public schools and college. This of course, is the standard reason for being turned off by history and it irks me that this is the case. Because it is my experience that EVERYONE is interested in history when it is presented as a living, breathing event that happened to somebody else – maybe a relative of yours – and maybe a long time ago

What Goes Into Planning a Successful Tour?

Ever wonder how that fabulous tour you took last summer came to be? If it was a pleasurable experience and proceeded seamlessly from day to day, it wasn’t an accident. Months of planning went into every detail so you would have a great getaway, or maybe even the experience of a lifetime

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