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Legendary North Dakota

I recently ran a Facebook promotion featuring Teddy Roosevelt as a “Legendary North Dakotan”.  I knew that few Americans are aware of TR’s residence in northern Dakota back in the 1880’s, but I was surprised at the pushback I received from people refusing to accept the legitimacy of North Dakota’s claim.

Trail Talk

The difference between Trail Talk and Road Talk may be a matter of semantics but it matters to Shebby Lee.

Antiques Road Show

Antiques Road Show was here this summer. I don’t know what took them so long. They’d already been to Bismarck – a town half the size of Rapid City – and there are many families here whose ancestors homesteaded in the area or came to strike it rich in what… read more >

The Best Laid Plans

The conventional wisdom is that a successful blogger produces some words of wisdom every single day, but if you are a regular reader, you know that I’m lucky to post once a month. There is a pretty good reason for this: I am a tour operator, not a professional blogger.

Adventure Travel

There is a category of my business known as “adventure travel”. It evokes images of llama trekking in the Andes, zip-lining across the Amazon, hang-gliding or similar vigorous pursuits which would have made Teddy Roosevelt proud. By this definition, we don’t do adventure travel at Shebby Lee Tours. But –… read more >

Kindles and Other Modern Miracles

I am a Kindle owner, though admittedly a reluctant one. I come from a long line of bibliophiles and moving my massive and beloved library every time I’ve been uprooted in this lifetime has always been the most onerous part of what is already an ordeal.

Tell Me A Story

The late television producer, Don Hewitt, famously stated that his mantra during his 30+ years as guiding light of CBS’ Sixty Minutes was one simple sentence: “Tell me a story”. This is good advice, not only for television news but for just about any human endeavor. People are hungry for… read more >

Does How You Make Change Make a Difference?

As far as I know, there is only one place in my town which makes change with two dollar bills. The bills are always crisp and new and the vendor obviously makes a special effort to keep these rare bills in stock, since most other merchants have shunned them (there… read more >

Exploring the Old West

“Wagons West!” is more than a catch phrase here at Shebby Lee Tours. At this time of year, we eagerly await the greening of the grass just as our forebears did, and work even harder to make sure everything is in readiness for our own excursions through the great American… read more >

What’s in a Title?

Members of the travel provide a good time for our travelers, making happy memories with unforgettable journeys. It’s second nature for us to share our happy outlook on life with those around us – customers, suppliers, and colleagues alike.

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