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Does How You Make Change Make a Difference?

As far as I know, there is only one place in my town which makes change with two dollar bills. The bills are always crisp and new and the vendor obviously makes a special effort to keep these rare bills in stock, since most other merchants have shunned them (there… read more >

Exploring the Old West

“Wagons West!” is more than a catch phrase here at Shebby Lee Tours. At this time of year, we eagerly await the greening of the grass just as our forebears did, and work even harder to make sure everything is in readiness for our own excursions through the great American… read more >

What’s in a Title?

Members of the travel provide a good time for our travelers, making happy memories with unforgettable journeys. It’s second nature for us to share our happy outlook on life with those around us – customers, suppliers, and colleagues alike.

Explore the West Where Legends Live

Like school field trips, vacation travel resonates when it includes activities which give meaning to the experience. Shebby Lee Tours provides memorable travel excursions which enrich your lives.

Shebby Lee Tours Welcomes Sports Travel & Tours

We are pleased to announce an agreement with one of our TAP Partners, Sports Travel & Tours, which brings you yet another travel option in a new, easy to use format. The two companies have joined together to offer one-click access to clients interested in sporting events of a lifetime…. read more >

Busman’s Holiday?

The life of a tour planner is far from all play. It takes research and hard work to provide lasting vacation memories.

West or Midwest?

It is an irritating burr under my saddle that some people – actually, many people – insist on placing my home state of South Dakota in the Midwest. I live 50 miles from the Wyoming border, for Pete’s sake, and I’ve never heard anyone call Wyoming a midwestern state.   Now,… read more >

Black Hills Pow Wow

October is pow wow time here in the Black Hills. One of the largest annual pow wows in the country is staged right here in Rapid City the first week of October. Hold that thought. First some background: I moved to Indian Country from New York over 40 years ago… read more >

Why Show Just the Tip of the Iceberg?

Shebby Lee Tours’ travel packages include not just those designed in house, but tours to world-wide destinations produced by trusted Travel Alliance Partners.

Which is more important: What happened or Why?

Battlefield re-enactments have their place but the study of why those battles were fought is probably more instructive.

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