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Introducing the Newest Model of Lees

OK, his last name is Wyatt, not Lee, but my name wasn’t Lee either until I married the bosses’ son (really) and gleefully traded in the unpronounceable and unspellable name on my birth certificate for a simple three letter word that nobody on the planet has trouble pronouncing or spelling! (In retrospect, maybe our elopement was less spontaneous than I thought!)

We had three children and hadn’t given much thought to grandchildren until they inevitably started coming along. I just naturally assumed that with three children I could reasonably expect at least six grandchildren. Right?

Not exactly. I got two beautiful granddaughters (one of whom lived - and still does - on the opposite side of the state). Not ideal, but still only a five hour drive by interstate.

So, with no grandparental experience I stumbled along - learning the ropes - until my oldest granddaughter announced some nine years ago, that the next generation was on the way! I was psyched! The baby was a beautiful sandy-haired girl, the very spittin’ image of her father!

In the ensuing years there were plenty more babies (three for my oldest granddaughter in Rapid City, and one for my younger granddaughter in Sioux Falls). But here’s the kicker: these kids are all girls!

Don’t get me wrong; girls are a great. I’m a girl myself. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a little variety? I’m just saying’.

All baby arrivals are to be celebrated. But this one - for me, personally - is far and away the most exciting, probably because of the protracted wait. When my first grandchild arrived I was completely unprepared, having the confirmed belief that I was far too young to be a grandmother. Looking back, it could be argued that I didn’t handle it particularly well, and refused to let the first of that generation call me anything but Bubbe. (The “G” word was - and still is - strictly banned.)

But boy am I into it now! And don’t assume that just because I’m twice removed from the parenting level that I don’t interact with these kids’ lives every chance I get. I even home-schooled my oldest, Brynleigh, for five months early in the pandemic, and I’m always available to babysit. (Well, I might pass if it gets beyond my bedtime....)

So here we are - at long last - with the arrival of my fifth great-grandchild - and first boy in the Lee family since 1973! So even though he isn’t strictly speaking, a “Lee”, I couldn’t be prouder to welcome him to our family.

Introducing the newest family member: Llewyn Dell Wyatt. Born: August 23, 2022. He joins his older sister, four-year-old Lorelei Lee.

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