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Looking for a Low Carbon Vacation?

Take a group tour!

Research studies condcuted by the Union of Concerned Scientists, DePaul University, and MJ Bradley & Associates all confirm what the American Bus Association has been saying all along: motorcoaches are the greenest way to travel by virtue of drastically lower carbon emissions compared to airlines, trains, and personal automobile. In other words, motorcoaches are the most fuel-efficient and least energy intensive mode of commercial passenger transportation.

I won’t bore you with the statistics, but if you want details, the data is listed at the bottom of this message.

And going green isn’t the only benefit of traveling together:

motorcoach travel provides safety, comfort and convenience in a spacious environment featuring roomy seats, ample leg room, video monitors and onboard lavatory.

  1. travel with people who have similar interests

  2. learn about places & cultures

  3. enjoy the cost-savings of group travel

  4. minimize uncertainty, and enjoy the pampering of a hosted vacation

Motorcoaches are part of America’s energy solution. Join us in reducing your carbon imprint and enjoy a memorable and deeply refreshing trip. Take a group tour this year.

Need destination ideas? We have hundreds of suggestions:

  1. Motorcoaches = 184 passenger mpg

  2. Single-occupant automobiles = 28 passenger mpg

  3. Carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by an average of 85% per passenger mile for every person who chooses motorcoach travel over driving alone

Happy Trails!

Shebby Lee is a historian, writer and tour operator specializing in the historic and cultural heritage of the Great American West. Her early training was in the theatre and she served a tour of duty as an entertainer with the USO. She is also an Admiral in the Nebraska Navy.

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