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Why Show Just the Tip of the Iceberg?

The part of an iceberg concealed below the waterline is like the majority of tours offered by Shebby Lee Tours – largely hidden. This lesson was just driven home to me in a recent conversation with a client about his upcoming travel plans.   Every one of the tour destinations on his list are available through Shebby Lee Tours – and he didn’t even know it!

Who’s fault is that? Mine!!

Shebby Lee Tours has become so identified with the Great American West and our Vanishing Trails Expeditions, that clients don’t automatically think of us as the source for that dream trip to Tuscany, or a romantic Caribbean Cruise, or the spectacular Bay of Fundy.

That’s a shame, when there is such an iceberg-sized array of programs available through Shebby Lee Tours’ partnership in Travel Alliance Partners. Each partner in TAP is a regional expert or specializes in a niche market, which is the reason for the wide variety of high quality travel products we are able to offer. There is no need to slog through countless look-alike websites, wondering if the company behind them is a reputable tour operator, or if the tour inclusions promised will actually be delivered.

Because the Travel Alliance is a partnership, and not a consortium or membership-based association, we all have a stake in TAP’s success or failure. And best of all, I know and work with all of the TAP partners and can personally vouch for them. So if you have traveled with Shebby Lee Tours in the past, you can expect the same level of personalized service from ANY package we offer, whether we are the operating partner or not.

So the next time you read one of our newsletters or browse our website, remember that for each tour program or destination highlighted there are hundreds more just waiting to be discovered. Our challenge is to reveal the entire iceberg, and not just the tip!

We’re working on it!

Shebby Lee is a historian, writer and tour operator specializing in the historic and cultural heritage of the Great American West. Her early training was in the theatre and she served a tour of duty as an entertainer with the USO. She is also an Admiral in the Nebraska Navy.

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