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Where History Happened

One of the hallmarks of our tours is that we offer the opportunity to walk where history happened. When you think about it, this really is a powerful motivation. While American history is a great deal shorter than that of the rest of the world, one can still get goose… read more >


I read recently that, according to a Netherlands travel study (plus followup research conducted by psychologist and consultant Shawn Anchor), anticipation of an upcoming trip gives travelers the greatest satisfaction on the happiness scale.  It’s nice to have reinforcement, but I don’t need research to tell me that people look… read more >

History Lite

If you have ever surfed the upper reaches of the cable channels in desperate search of semi-literate diversion, you have probably run into the numerous channels which seem to be determinedly devoted to “history lite”. You know the ones I’m talking about. They feature shows called “Ten things you didn’t know… read more >

Reading Lists

Reading lists accompany all Shebby Lee Tours Vanishing Trails Expeditions to help participants better understand the journey ahead.

I’m Crazy About History

It probably won’t come as much of surprise that I am crazy about history. I don’t ever remember not being interested in everything historical, despite exposure to the usual succession of dry-as-dust history teachers in both public schools and college. This of course, is the standard reason for being turned off by history and it irks me that this is the case. Because it is my experience that EVERYONE is interested in history when it is presented as a living, breathing event that happened to somebody else – maybe a relative of yours – and maybe a long time ago

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