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Since 1978 Shebby Lee Tours has been developing specialized tours in the Great American West for a niche market – history buffs, alumni groups, banks, photography groups, and of course, other tour operators.  We realize that planning itineraries in unfamiliar territory is a daunting task – even for the seasoned travel professional.  For that reason, we are pleased to offer you our 38 years of experience in producing tour programs your clients will never forget.

On a Vanishing Trails Expedition, your clients will experience first-hand the excitement of America’s westward expansion movement, beginning with the epic journeys of exploration and including military and Native American influences of the “Manifest Destiny” period. Follow in the tracks of these intrepid pioneers, experience the romance of the fur trade, immerse yourself in our cowboy heritage.  Included are authentic meals, music, interpretive programs and living history which make it come alive for participants.

Many of America’s most spectacular national parks are located in the Great American West. Enrich your life experience with magnificent scenery, woodlands wildlife, and wide open spaces. Our goal is to provide more than just a scenic overview of an area.  Participants gain special insights and historical background from experts in the field and come away with a new appreciation of our public lands. Celebrate our common heritage – both natural and cultural – on a national parks excursion this season!

We also offer an array of what might be called Bucket List destinations: places or even whole states which are on your personal “must do” list. Most of these are off the beaten path places, but nevertheless offer rewarding travel experiences that can turn into the experience of a lifetime (and make excellent mystery tours). What’s on your client’s Bucket List?

We can in fact, tailor any of our tour programs to fit your time-frame, budget, and particular interest. Give us a call today. Shebby Lee Tours will provide the experience of a lifetime especially for your group.

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