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Travel Tips for your Western Adventure!

What to Pack:

  • Don’t over pack. Leave room for souvenirs that you plan to take back home. You might want to include an affordable carry-on bag.

  • Remember any chargers you will need during the trip (cell phone, camera, etc.)

  • Bring a camera and batteries. Be sure to bring enough photography supplies for your entire trip. If you have a video camera, bring along an extra battery, plus proper recharging equipment.

  • Bring a notebook or trip diary and pen.

  • Remember sunglasses, tissues, aspirin, toiletries, cosmetics.

  • Bring a travel alarm clock, a sewing kit, travel iron and a hair dryer. (Most hotels have ironing facilities and hair dryers in the room.)

  • Remember any medications you may need (enough for entire trip and a few additional days) and an extra prescription in original containers. Pack items that may leak in plastic bags. Never pack medications in “checked” baggage.

  • Place your business card or extra luggage tag with identification inside your checked bag in case your luggage tag is torn off.

Money Matters:

  • Traveler’s Checks have seen their day and many business and even banks no longer accept them. Bring a debit or credit card plus cash. ATM machines can be found in even the most remote areas these days.

  • Advise your friends and family of your itinerary. Take a list of phone numbers from home that you may need to contact in case of an emergency.

  • Make copies of your passport or ID, travel itinerary and plane tickets and leave them with a friend or relative back home.

  • Purchasing trip interruption and cancellation insurance will protect your investment and give you peace of mind.  When you purchase Trip Mate travel insurance from Shebby Lee Tours, your vacation is protected from the date the deposit is received.


On the Trail:

  • Travel in comfortable clothing and shoes. Dressing in layers and having walking shoes is always good planning. Drink plenty of water and juice on the long-haul segments of your trip. Shebby Lee Tours provides refreshments onboard as a part of our service.

  • Pack your meds, glasses, umbrella, sweater or jacket – the things you will need during the day – in your carry-on. You will not have access to your large bag between hotels.

  • It is safe to leave valuables on the bus during rest stops, venues or attractions. The coach is either locked during such times, or the driver is present to insure security. However, don’t forget your wallet or purse if there is a chance that you may wish to purchase a memento.

  • Do not place valuables, including jewelry, cameras, car keys, medicines, etc., in any suitcase or bag that will not be kept with you at your seat.

  • Listen carefully to all tour director’s instructions. They may contain information that could be important to enjoying your trip. Write or jot down any information given to you by the tour director about where and when you are going to be picked up.


Activity Levels:

  • Shebby Lee Tours offers a range of tour programs with varying Activity Levels. We have established various classifications to help you as a participant understand what will be expected of you physically. Most are classified as Easy or Moderate, but the following points apply to all departures. If you have any mobility questions, these should help you decide whether or not a tour program is for you.

Travel Protection Plan:

  • Shebby Lee Tours offers a travel protection plan that protects your travel arrangements, your belongings and, most importantly, you!  You can be covered, even for pre-existing conditions, provided the payment for the plan is received by Shebby Lee Tours within 14 days of the initial deposit for your trip. Details of the plan provisions are included with your initial confirmation.

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