Travel the Great American West with award-winning historians who bring the legends to life.


Experience first-hand the sites where the pivotal events in the history of the West actually took place.  In addition to spectacular western scenery and national parks, programs feature living history, special speakers and events, authentic meals and music, interpretive centers, historic sites and other activities to help you to relate to the history that happened here.

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Go beyond astounding natural wonders and scenic beauty to uncover our rich cultural heritage.  Experience the places, artifacts and activities that authentically represent the stories and people of the past and present.  Memorable travel experiences don’t have to come from famous locales or breathtaking sights.  In fact, the richest memories often come from surprising sources, and provide the most meaningful experiences for travelers.

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Many of America’s most spectacular parks are located in the Great American West.  Experience the western parks as you’ve never seen them before, with the special insights and historical background provided by experts in the field.  Our tour directors are trained to provide the insights to the sights and encourage enlightening discussions among participants so that everyone comes away from their travel experience with a deeper appreciation of what they have just seen and explored.

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  • Geography Quiz: There are many of these reproductions of the traditional Norwegian Stav Kirke in the United States, particularly in the northern tier of states where so many Scandinavians settled in the later half of the nineteenth century. Do you know where this one is located?

    September 21

  • Theodore Roosevelt was a huge proponent of setting aside public lands for the enjoyment of all, yet when he became President the United States had only five national parks (Yellowstone, Yosemite, Sequoia, General Grant, Mount Rainier). As President, Roosevelt doubled the number of National Parks to 10 and added land to Yosemite.

    September 16

  • Geography Quiz: One of my favorite formations in one of my favorite National Parks. Can you name the park or the formation?

    September 14

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  • Melting Pot

    Many years ago there was a pretty good sitcom on network TV called “Welcome Back, Kotter”. The scripts were funny, the acting was good – it made a star out of John Travolta – but my favorite thing about that… read more >

  • Two Worlds Colliding

    I was recently on the receiving end of a flattering and wholly unexpected accolade recognizing many decades of volunteer work promoting and preserving the history of South Dakota. This is what I do for fun, and despite the fact that… read more >

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