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Welcome to Shebby Lee Tours

"Wide-open spaces is our specialty!"

We've specialized in tours of the Great American West since 1978 and invite you to unwind in the wide-open spaces we call home. The West isn't merely a rural and remote geographical location but a place of vast, unrestricted beauty. It's where you can stand in awe at the foot of Mount Rushmore, take a jeep ride among a herd of wild buffalo, or walk along the cobbled streets of an Old West mining town where, once upon a time, gold and guns were a way of life. The West is where you can feel truly free, as you relax among wide-open spaces and take deep breaths of fresh air.  

When you travel with us, you will EXPLORE the West where legends live, DISCOVER America's cultural heritage, and EXPERIENCE our National Parks. 

Join us out West this year.  You'll be amazed at what we have to offer! 

Do you have a travel group looking for an exciting western adventure?


If you have a pre-formed group, please visit our Pre-Formed Groups page.  Whether you have an intimate group of 20+ passengers with a common background (Alumni Group, Student Group, Corporate Group, Senior Group, Family Reunion, etc.) or a larger, diverse group of 40+ passengers, you can have confidence that Shebby Lee Tours has the industry experience to provide your group with a customized tour of the Great American West that is specifically suited to them!


And remember, we are happy to customize any of our programs to meet the needs of your group.