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After the past year, dominated by the stress of quarantines, lockdowns, and everything else that 2020 threw our way, Shebby Lee Tours invites you to unwind in the wide-open spaces we call home.  We've specialized in tours of the Great American West since 1978 and understand that we aren't merely a rural and remote geographical location but a place of expansive and unrestricted beauty.  The West is where you can stand in awe at the foot of Mount Rushmore, take a jeep ride among a herd of wild buffalo, or walk along the cobbled streets of an Old West mining town, where gold and guns were a way of life.  The West is where you can feel truly free, as you relax in our wide-open spaces, breathe in the fresh air, and visit places that will ignite your sense of adventure and curiosity.  

When you travel with Shebby Lee Tours, you will EXPLORE the West where legends live, DISCOVER America's cultural heritage, and EXPERIENCE our National Parks. 

Sign-up for one of our tours and come out West this year.  You'll be amazed at what we have to offer! 

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And, if a global adventure is what you're after, we've got you covered!  Shebby Lee Tours is a founder and co-owner of Travel Alliance Partners which was established in 2001 with a simple vision – to join forces with quality Tour Operators and serve as a leader and innovator in the travel industry while exceeding expectations with extraordinary travel experiences.

What started as a member-owned corporation of only 11 companies, has grown to a partnership of 28 premier tour operators located across the United States and Canada who provide enriching travel to over 500 destinations around the globe. 

So, TAP INTO TRAVEL and explore faraway continents on one of the departures below. 

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Grand Canyon

Gaze across one of the natural wonders of the world on one of Shebby Lee Tours southwest vacations!