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Cherokee Nation Cultural Tour



Airport transfers are provided.  Enjoy a Welcome Dinner in Tulsa with fellow sojourners as we begin our journey to the past.  (D)

DAY #2 -

As we begin our exploration of the proud Cherokee people, we will visit important sites built by newcomers seeking to re-establish the civilization they had been forced to leave in North Carolina.  We’ll tour Tahlequah’s National Capitol Building, Cherokee National Supreme Court Museum and the former Cherokee Female Seminary.  After a traditional lunch, we’ll spend the afternoon at the highlight:  the Cherokee Heritage Center, composed of the Ancient Village, Adam’s Corner and Trail of Tears Museum.  Living history and hands-on activities bring to life Cherokee folkways and lifestyle.  (B,L)

DAY #3 -

One of America’s most beloved entertainers was proud of his Cherokee heritage.  We’ll tour the ranch house where he was born and visit the excellent Will Rogers Memorial Museum & Gravesite before moving on to learn about what the Cherokee call “Old Settlers” – those who relocated to Indian Territory before the Cherokee Removal, some arriving as early as 1808.  We’ll tour Sequoyah’s 1829 cabin, which has been preserved on its original site, and Dwight Mission, the site of an early printing press and a stopover point for many Indian missionaries.  (B, L, D)

DAY #4 -

Not only did the Cherokee participate in the American Civil War (commemorating it’s 150th anniversary 2011-2015), but some even lived in antebellum plantation homes!  This morning we’ll visit one such home, the Murrell Home in Park Hill, the only one to survive the fires of the Civil War, as well as the adjacent Daniel cabin.  After lunch we’ll tour Fort Gibson, which changed hands several times during the war, and Honey Springs Battle site where the largest battle in Indian Territory took place.  The Union beat the Confederacy in what turned out to be the turning point of the Civil War in Indian Territory.  (B,L.D)

DAY #5 -

Airport transfers are provided.  (B)

NOTE:   Times and order of events are subject to change.

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Duration: 5 Days
Dates: You Pick!

The Cherokee Nation is at the heart of one of the most shameful episodes in American history.  Learn of the tribe’s roots in North Carolina, the invention of the first written Native American language, the infamous Trail of Tears, the tribe’s role in the Civil War and much more!   Learn about the tribe’s most celebrated members:   Sequoyah and Will Rogers.

Begins and ends in Tulsa, Oklahoma.



The price is variable and dependent upon what you'd like included (# of meals, airfare, etc.) and any adjustments to itinerary.


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