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Covid Crabbiness

I have expressed my frustration with advertising messages in the past, but I just heard another that raised my hackles. Since I spend my days in front of a computer screen with the radio on, this has been happening more often than ever before. (Yes, subscription online music includes ads, making it even more egregious!) In fact, they are actually getting more devious, some stooping to disabling the mute button until their disruptive message is completed.

The ad I just heard was for a popular hotel chain touting their “free” breakfasts. I’m sorry, but this advertising message goes beyond misleading to outright untruth! Breakfast is NEVER free; it is “included”. The cost of the meal has been added to your hotel bill and you will never know how much it costs, because you cannot obtain an itemized accounting. Full disclosure: this hotel chain is on our list of preferred hotels that we book for our groups. In fact, many more hotels have added this feature since Covid turned our world upside down. Get over it!

So now I find myself painted into a corner after complaining about an advertizing message I disagree with, and then telling you, my readers, to get over it.

Chalk it up to Covid crabbiness.

If it makes any difference, I have experienced Covid crabbiness about a number of different issues due to the continuing effects of the pandemic. I’m still attending a number of zoom meetings to keep up with my colleagues, and one of my TAP Partners never passes up a chance to comment on the status of my desktop (my real desk, not my computer screen). OK, it’s a little messy, but I actually know what is contained in each pile of paper so it’s not nearly as consequential as he implies. Unfortunately, there’s no hiding my desk because it backs up to my computer station with all the jee-jaws, screen, camera, etc, that are necessary to participate in zoom conferences virtually.

While I’m at it, I might as well voice my dissent to the fact that a “user” has the option to avoid all advertisements, but has to pay the advertiser’s rate for the privilege of NOT receiving his message! No wonder there is so much Covid crabbiness!

Well, I guess I’m done venting for this month. But look at it this way, it saved you from two pages of gloating about my long-awaited new grandson.

Maybe next time.



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