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Shebby Lee Tours Welcomes Sports Travel & Tours

We are pleased to announce an agreement with one of our TAP Partners, Sports Travel & Tours, which brings you yet another travel option in a new, easy to use format. The two companies have joined together to offer one-click access to clients interested in sporting events of a lifetime. You’ll find Baseball Road Trips and Tours, Spring Training packages, Hall of Fame Inductions, All Major Sporting Events and Flexible Independent Travel (FIT) Vacations that are customized to meet your schedule and budget.

Like all TAP Partners, Sports Travel has unique expertise in a travel industry niche. In their case, that niche is not a location, but an interest – taking you to the ballparks on your Bucket List, championship games, Hall of Fame Inductions and just about anything sports-related. But they offer much more than just game tickets. They take the hassle out of attending these high-demand events with complete packages, coordinated transportation, and a sports maven to pull it all together and give you the inside story.

I’m strictly a one-sport person myself (baseball) but because of it’s unique place in American history, it is much more than a sport to me. I even belong to a baseball historical society where I can get my annual fix of research presentations about the Negro Leagues, historic ballparks, the All American Girls Baseball League and just about any arcane baseball factoid you can think of.

But I digress.  Since baseball offers a rich and exciting history in America, the collaboration of Sports Travel & Tours and Shebby Lee Tours seems like a natural.  Our clients have a wide range of interests besides the historic and cultural heritage of the Great American West. That’s why we are TAP Partners in the first place – so we can offer you a world of travel experiences – and you’ll hopefully come back to us when you want to experience the thrill of a particular historic trail, chase buffalo or find a respite from the rat race by exploring the West where legends live. Who knows, perhaps someday we’ll combine the two interests with a Vintage Baseball Tournament program!

Shebby Lee is a historian, writer and tour operator specializing in the historic and cultural heritage of the Great American West. Her early training was in the theatre and she served a tour of duty as an entertainer with the USO. She is also an Admiral in the Nebraska Navy.



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